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the Skeleton Cave Massacre



A quest for answers and discerning the spirits is a common thread for many among the living.
Violent eternal torment ensnares souls viciously ravaged.
A Team of Paranormal Investigators, a well-known writer and an amateur investigating teen, merely intrigued by tales of the spirit world find clues drawing them to the hidden truth of the Skeleton Cave Massacre.
An innocent search for proof of the other side unlocks a savage hatred of a scorn people. The legend of blood that never dries induces doubt. They seek to authenticate a compelling tale of misery, brutality and sorrow. Unearthing the truth, once found, regret is only the beginning.
Ask yourself, are you prepared to look death in the face?

“Time halted. No mortal can conceive the torment of shattered souls, locked in a moment never ending. One side, the remaining bloodline alive yet marred in anguish. The other side knows only agony.” DMK Author of Skeleton Cave Massacre & From The Ashes


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