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I Chose To Believe #3

“I Choose to Believe”- 3

December 2013

Jessica Tornese


My last two stories I have to share with you are hard to explain, to say the least. You can chalk my other stories up to happen- chance or some like to say coincidence, but I still like to believe otherwise. These last two stories…I just can’t seem to explain them at all. Which brings me back to…why wouldn’t we want to believe in some power out there watching out for us? Just the thought of a guardian angel or two out there watching my back keeping me from getting into more trouble, is a pleasant and comforting idea. I am grateful for every second chance I get and for every moment of grace given to my loved ones. Miracles are what keep us going and helps build the one force that unites all of us- hope.

My husband was fifteen when he had a job downtown that was convenient enough to ride his bike to. One afternoon, he was late for work. He hopped on his bike, dodged traffic and had almost reached his destination when he jumped the curb and cut in front of a car. His bike went under the tires, immediately mangled and irreparable. But the amazing part was that my husband felt someone grab him and pull him from beneath the car before he could be run over as well. He had been yanked back by his shirt and dropped to the sidewalk. When he recovered enough to stand up, he looked around to thank the person for helping save his life. There was no one there. He asked around, but no one had seen a thing. Despite being late to work and losing a bike, he realized he had been given a second chance, and to this day, he can only think that an angel had been by his side.

One of my good friends has another story I can’t explain. Her mother had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and she was preparing to fly home to be with her mother for a short stay before things could possibly be at the end. Distraught, my friend could only hope her visit would be everything she needed to prepare for her mother’s inevitable death. Upon boarding the plane, she took a seat next to a man and tried to keep her mind off of the despairing news. Suddenly, the man next to her, turned to her, looked her full in the face and said, “It’s not your mother’s time. Don’t worry. It’s not her time to go.” Needless to say, my friend was perplexed and surprised. Who was this stranger to have guessed her secret? How could he have possibly known? She took the news to heart, trying to let it reassure her and distract her on the ride home. After all, she believed in spiritual beings and maybe God truly had sent her someone to relieve the stress and worry. She never did speak to the man from the plane again.

Ten years later, her mother is still alive, in remission of the aggressive cancer that was supposed to take her life years ago, and my friend will never forget the man from the plane, who eased her mind and spoke words of truth she could never have guessed to be true.

I hope you have enjoyed the past four weeks of amazing stories and miraculous happenings. I know every time I hear one, I get a little chill of pleasure. Miracles and Hope…’Tis the Season.






Amazon Best Seller 

#6 ~ Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Romance > Time Travel 

Fifteen-year-old Kate Christenson is pretty sure she’s about to experience the worst possible summer at her grandparents’ rural farm in Baudette, Minnesota. Without cable, cell phones, or computers, she is headed for total isolation and six tedious weeks of boredom. 
Until the storm. 
A freak lightning accident has Kate waking up in 1960. 
But she is not herself. She’s the aunt she never met but has eerily resembled her entire life. 
Thrust into living a dirt-poor, rural farm existence, Kate struggles to make sense of her situation – a boyfriend with a dark side, a “townie” who steals her heart, and the knowledge that 1960 is the very summer her aunt drowns in the local river. 
But was the drowning an accident or a suicide… or something much worse?


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The 5 Best Manuscript Publishers That Don’t Require Agents

Written by Emily Harstone


Read the full article here


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“I Choose to Believe!”- December 2013

Story 2

Jessica Tornese

This time of year, we are desperate to feel good. We try to assuage our hearts with gifts and parties, maybe a drink or two, but I truly feel, that this is the time of year to be grateful for our loved ones and to be reminded of miracles. Miracles are all around us, every day. I took some time interviewing friends and family to see if they felt blessed enough to have experienced a miracle, a heavenly intervention. I was surprised at the response. Almost everyone had a story to tell! Throughout December, I will try to boost your spirits in the way of words and the power of story. I want to breathe life into your heart and soul so that even the grinchiest of grinches may believe in a miracle. The heavenly presence of guardian angels, which I truly believe exist, will be the focus of my stories, the miracles of those I love and cherish. (Names have been changed)

“A few years ago, my son was in a horrible accident. My husband, Bob and I heard a knock on our door in the wee small hours one summer morning and found our friends and neighbors, Josh and Jenny, standing there. Jenny told me that Dennis (my son) had been in a bad accident and we needed to get to the hospital right away.”

“Earlier that night, Jenny had awoken to the sound of someone pounding on her door. Two men, driving by on the highway, saw someone laying in a field beside a burning vehicle, just beyond their home. She and Josh called an ambulance and then hurried to the scene of the accident.”

“While they waited for the ambulance, they tried to comfort the barely conscious, injured man. He was hurt so badly, they did not recognize that it was my son, Dennis, though they had known him since he was a little boy. They were concerned for several reasons, with the most immediate one being that Dennis was laying only two feet from his burning pickup and they were worried that he would burn. Of course, they dared not move him and it is a good thing they did not. He had a broken back, a broken neck, bleeding in his head, broken bones around the orbit of one eye, a severed tongue, and multiple hematomas over his body. It was not until the ambulance came and the emergency responders prepared him for the trip to our hospital, they realized it was Dennis, the kid they had known for years. Jenny and Josh then immediately rushed to our house to tell us Dennis was on his way to the hospital.”

“Bob and I hurried in to town to be with him while our local medical staff fought to keep him alive until the trauma team from Fargo arrived to take over and air lift him to their facility. Dennis’s recovery was miraculous, but complicated, and it took over six months.”

“Weeks later, when things settled down, Jenny told me more about the night she found Dennis on the side of the road. While they waited for the ambulance to arrive, there was great concern about Dennis being burned, because he was only two feet from his vehicle and the wind was blowing the fire TOWARD his back. Then, miraculously, the wind changed directions. Jenny said to me, “It was as if a guardian angel came and blew the wind away from his back!” We know that if not for that, he may not

have survived all that he survived. It is nothing short of a miracle that he lived, but we believe this guardian angel who blew the fire away, gave him a sporting chance.”






Sequel to Linked Through Time 

“There never was a body, you know.” Such is the bizarre statement from Gran only weeks after Kate has returned from an accidental time traveling incident, surviving certain death…twice. Capturing Sarah’s killer seemed to be the reason for Kate’s disappearance, but Gran believes otherwise. 
Learning of Kate’s power to time travel loosens memories and desires Gran has long since buried. Gran is set on finding Sarah, who she believes never died the night she was thrown in the river, but instead, went back in time through the Rapid River portal. With rudimentary research and analysis, Gran thinks she has unlocked the secrets to controlling the time traveling link that she and Kate share with their ancestors and she wants to use Kate to bring Sarah back. 
When Kate agrees, she is shocked to learn that in this more aggressive form of time travel she doesn’t become Sarah, but trades places with her: Kate is sent to Baudette, Minnesota in 1910 while Sarah travels to 2000! 
Baudette’s catastrophic 1910 fire and the typhoid epidemic are the least of Kate’s worries. Her chances of a return trip are thwarted with the struggle just to survive, and Sarah, reliving her lost childhood in the comforts of the modern day, decides she’ll never return to the past…

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“I Choose to Believe!”

Story 1- December 2013

Jessica Tornese

This time of year is supposed to be for giving and caring, being selfless and caught up in miracles, and overcome with random acts of kindness. But I still find myself grumbling in the long waits of lines, irritated with the Christmas music that has been on since the day after Halloween, and throwing ridiculous, meaningless “extra” gifts into my cart so it looks like there is more under the tree.

With the chaos of the holidays, sometimes we lose sight of the whole reason for any of the season. No matter the time of year, or your religious affiliation, we all get a little overwhelmed sometimes and our faith in existence and humanity itself starts to crumble. It made me start thinking about the struggles of life, the close calls, the unexplained miracles people experience but then brush aside as they tackle a new day, a new schedule. Where are those miracles we so desperately need? My belief is- miracles are everywhere, and they happen all the time.

I believe in angels. Guardian angels, if you will. Angels are the kind of thing I don’t think about every day, but I am reminded of during the holidays, when nativity scenes and heavenly choirs are seen around town. I have heard stories that bring chills and goosebumps, the good kind, to my soul. Those stories ground me, give me hope, and remind me of where my focus should be. With technology speeding everything up, it’s hard to find the times to slow down and appreciate the gifts we’ve been given that aren’t wrapped in shiny paper. I would like to share a few stories with you over the next couple of weeks that were gifts to me, and I hope they will be the same for you.

“A family with six children never gets anywhere on time and this particular day was no different than any other day. *Jason’s family piled into the car, pushing and shoving their way to their favorite seats. It wasn’t until they turned into the parking lot, that Jason’s mother yelled, “I think I left the curling iron on!” The rest of the family hustled into church leaving, the eldest, Jason to go back to the house to turn off the curling iron.

Mission accomplished, Jason drove quickly through the city streets back to the church. In the midst of radio changing and dodging cars, Jason’s car slipped into the middle of the road and slammed into a concrete wall beneath a small underpass. Jason’s head was rocketed into the windshield, the car, completely totaled.

He remembers unbuckling his seat belt, which struck him funny (and is one of the only details he can remember about the accident), because he never wore his seatbelt when driving without his parents. Dazed and confused, he stepped from the car and wandered into the middle of the road to sit down. Passerby stopped to help and when the ambulance came to assist, they asked Jason a ton of questions. They couldn’t believe Jason had walked away with such little injuries. Jason finally asked if anyone had seen his glasses. He couldn’t see without them, and he definitely couldn’t drive without them. The EMT’s said Jason’s face showed no signs of wearing glasses- his head had hit the windshield

and glasses would have definitely caused more damage. They looked all over the road and around the dashboard of the car but couldn’t find them.

Eventually, upon further inspection of the car, Jason’s glasses were found folded neatly in the center console, as if waiting for his return. He was stunned. He could explain away the seatbelt as a false remembrance, but the glasses?

To this day, he insists that someone intervened that day for him to have survived. He is now the father to five beautiful children of his own……”




Linked Through Time


Amazon Best Seller

#6 ~ Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Romance > Time Travel

Fifteen-year-old Kate Christenson is pretty sure she’s about to experience the worst possible summer at her grandparents’ rural farm in Baudette, Minnesota. Without cable, cell phones, or computers, she is headed for total isolation and six tedious weeks of boredom.
Until the storm.
A freak lightning accident has Kate waking up in 1960. 
But she is not herself. She’s the aunt she never met but has eerily resembled her entire life. 
Thrust into living a dirt-poor, rural farm existence, Kate struggles to make sense of her situation – a boyfriend with a dark side, a “townie” who steals her heart, and the knowledge that 1960 is the very summer her aunt drowns in the local river. 
But was the drowning an accident or a suicide… or something much worse?

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the Skeleton Cave Massacre



A quest for answers and discerning the spirits is a common thread for many among the living.
Violent eternal torment ensnares souls viciously ravaged.
A Team of Paranormal Investigators, a well-known writer and an amateur investigating teen, merely intrigued by tales of the spirit world find clues drawing them to the hidden truth of the Skeleton Cave Massacre.
An innocent search for proof of the other side unlocks a savage hatred of a scorn people. The legend of blood that never dries induces doubt. They seek to authenticate a compelling tale of misery, brutality and sorrow. Unearthing the truth, once found, regret is only the beginning.
Ask yourself, are you prepared to look death in the face?

“Time halted. No mortal can conceive the torment of shattered souls, locked in a moment never ending. One side, the remaining bloodline alive yet marred in anguish. The other side knows only agony.” DMK Author of Skeleton Cave Massacre & From The Ashes

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Bradburry Inn - New #2

5 Things You Don’t Know About K.J. Dahlen

5 fun things about me:
1. married to my best friend for more than 2/3’s of my life
2. I have two children and two grandchildren I love with all my heart
3. I have a small tattoo in remembrance of my parents who died within 9 days of each other in 2007
4. I’m a Packer fan
5. I love writing


Bradburry Inn:


The town is filled with rumors claiming Bradbury Inn is haunted. The spirits of Claire and Matilda Bradbury and George Walker have haunted the inn since a fire destroyed it eighty years ago.

Jillian Levy has come to Bradbury Inn to discover the truth behind the hauntings. Shortly after she arrives the only other person who was at the Inn all those years ago returns.

Mathew Nixen has returned to find his true love, Matilda. He believes the only way to break the inn’s curse and set his love’s spirit free is to find her body.

Together they search for answers, but will it be too late? They must get Jillian out of the inn before Death comes to take the souls he was denied so long ago.

Can they save her in time?



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Welcome author Josie Montano to our blog today!!!

“5 Things You Don’t know about Josie Montano 
  1. My real name is GIUSEPPINA
  2. I was involved in a bank robbery (as a staff member not the robber!)
  3. I got married at Machu Picchu, Peru
  4. I am of Italian background, 1st generation Australian
  5. I have 2 adult children, one has Asperger Syndrome
and list 5 fun facts
  • I love Siberian huskies and own a caramel brown one called Coca
  • I’ve been wearing glasses since age 8, oh from about the time I became obsessed with reading … funny that!
  • I got chased by a farmer weilding a pitchfork for trespassing on his farm in Austria;
  • My children took me on a romantic gondola ride in Venice;
  • I love soy chai’s;



Living in the dark, knowing the sunlight is above. Out of reach. Paulini could feel its warmth beam down on her face, like a lighthouse giving hope to a vessel.

She was that vessel. An empty vessel. She is imprisoned in a hellhole, an abode of the damned. She is serving a sentence, her world not her own – no control over her life, no authority over her day, she must abide by the rules – but whose rules are they? And is she really imprisoned?

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